From the recording Greenport Turning Point


I had watched you for the longest timeSomething in your style that I could seeYou had a way that I cannot describeAnd you were everything to meYes somehow, you were everything to meI look out over Long Island SoundAnd ask her, "what has come to be."A turning point, a friend that I had foundShe will remain a friend to meYes, she will stay a friend to meA seagull spreads its wings and flies on byA Greenport wave spills into meA ship afar diverts its present courseThen continues out to seaI hope you find who you are looking forSomeone who respects exactly who you areAnd can give you everything you'll ever needAnd you will remain a friend to meI'll always love you, NancyAnd you will stay a friend to meAs long as time goes onYou will stay a friend to me