Rob Ambrosino Singer-Songwriter

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Born on March 24, 1959 in Flushing, Queens, N.Y., Rob Ambrosino started playing piano at age four and beating the drums at age five. While visiting his cousins in Queens at age six, something really big happened. On August 15th, 1965 The Beatles came to town and played their first full blown concert at nearby Shea Stadium, about a mile from the house where he was visiting. In a recent interview he said, "Even as little kids we could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone in the neighborhood was saying, 'The Beatles are here, they're right down the street!'" Even though he was too young to go to the show, he decided ON THAT DAY to become a working musician when he got older because, "EVERYBODY wanted to be like the Beatles...even some of the parents!"

In 1968, Rob's family moved to Allentown, Pa. where he later played drums and sang lead vocals for several garage bands including, "Bay", "Rage" and "Slipstream" which practiced in his basement and played victory dances at Parkland High in 1977.

After studying voice under Roland Bently at Ithaca College, he went on to play with the successful upstate New York band "Not Us You" which opened for "Orleans" in 1981. During this period, he wrote "Southern Wind" as the band received kudos from band member Larry Hoppin of "Orleans" backstage during the show. In late spring 1981, the band broke up and Rob picked up guitar and took his acoustic solo/piano gig on the road in venues from New York to Florida. Rob continued to play over 500 gigs over the course of the next 25 years. Some of the venues included events at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, The Cascades Lodge in Killington, VT, Point Lookout Inn in East Durham, NY, The Lark Tavern, Albany, NY, The Driftwood Inn, Vero Beach FL, Hidden Valley Resort, Lake Luzerne, NY and The Relay for Life in Katy, TX.

Currently residing in Connecticut, Rob occasionally returned to perform at the "Back Fence" in Greenwich Village, NYC where he played in the early 90's. Sadly, The Back Fence recently closed its doors after 40 years.  Rob has recently released his CD "Never the Same" which was recorded at Bristol Studios in Boston and was featured in the soundtrack of a video that was dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathan bombings in 2013. In 2003 he released his CD single which includes his upbeat, guitar-driven southern rock tune, "Southern Wind". The flip side holds his mellow acoustic love song, "Greenport Turning Point," which is lends itself to the romantic style of Richard Marx and Don Henley.