1. Southern Wind

From the recording Southern Wind


Jet engines thunder, I'm on the road Into the sky, fly me home I'll play my music 'cause I love the night But home is my road's end and it's almost in sight. (Chorus) Southern seas I'll be a-rowin', ocean mist will fill the air No more weight will I be towin', I can't believe I'm almost there Southern wind keep on blowin', sing your warm and sunny song Straight ahead is where I'm goin', straight back home where I belong. Through clouds of amber into the sun Back to the southland, I'm on the run Big bird a-fly me over my hometown Take me over my back yard and let me down (Chorus) I can see the runway, it's in front of me My legs are restless, I'll soon be free This plane's a landin' in the Sunshine State Friendly people, sunny weather, how I can't wait (Chorus) (Repeat Chorus)