1. Never The Same

From the recording Never The Same


Standin' in the window as the rain comes crashin' downI think about the last time that we all were hangin' roundThe "trojans" won another game, we all ran down the hillNothin' could ever stop us, I said nothin' ever will...willSome things will always be never the sameRicky had a cigarette and Billy got the kegWe all drove down the party roads with music in our headsWe never got in accidents, we always made it thereWe talked about how hot we got last summer at the fair...fairSome things will always be never the sameNever the sameBut then one day the Earth stood still, our loss was very clearNo one saw it comin' and everybody caredDo you know where Billy is? I heard he was O.K.But what about your father? Is it true what they say...say?Some things will always be never the sameSo when I have a daydream and find I've lost my wayI just crank up that radio and live another daySo when I light this cigarette and pour myself a beerAnd listen to the rain come down and act like no one's hereI hope that you will understand, I've tried to make it clear...clearSome things will always be never the sameNever the same